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List All Tests


The List All Tests endpoint lists all of the published tests within an API Hook's scope.

HTTP Request

    GET <API-Hook-URL>/tests

Sample Method Invocation

    curl -X GET \
    -H X-API-Key:{API-Key} \
    -H X-API-Secret:{API-Secret} \

Parameters Header Parameters
API-Key: A valid API Key for the Test Organization this API Hook belongs to.
API-Secret: A valid API Secret for the Test Organization this API Hook belongs to.
Response Content MIME type: application/json

      testId: string,
      testName: string,
      testDescription: string,
      lastModified: string,
      authorName: string,
      tags: array[string]

Response Description
  • testId
    • ID of the test.
  • testName
    • Name of the test.
  • testDescription
    • Description of the test.
  • lastModified
    • Date and time the test was last modified.
  • authorName
    • User who composed the test.
  • tags
    • Array of tags associated with the test.
Status Codes 200: Success
400: Missing Authorization Headers
401: Invalid Authorization Headers