Importing searches

You can import searches from other IBM® API Connect users for use, or you can import searches from another Catalog on your system. If Spaces are enabled in a Catalog, you can also import searches from a Space.

Before you begin

To import searches, you must either be the owner of the API provider organization, or be assigned a role that has the Analytics - Manage permission for the selected Catalog or Space.

About this task

Searches can be imported from .json files that contain one or more exported search definitions. When you import a search at the Catalog level, the search is automatically added to all of the Spaces in that Catalog. When you import a search into a Space, the search is added only to the current Space.

Your search query must be contained in a JSON format file. If the file contains multiple search definitions, they will all be imported. For each search definition, the value in the title field is used as the new search's name.

JSON format search file


  1. Navigate to the Analytics feature for the Catalog or Space where you want to create a search.
  2. Click Discover to open the Discover tab, where you can create and manage searches.
  3. Click Import a search.
  4. Select the JSON file containing the search query and click Open.


The imported search is saved automatically and added to the displayed list of saved searches.

Imported search

If the JSON file contains multiple search definitions, all of the searches in the file are imported added to the search list. If an imported search's title duplicates an existing search title, all of the searches are retained and display in the search list with duplicate names. You can edit searches and save them with new names to remove duplication.