Recovering the Analytics subsystem on VMware

Recover the API Connect Analytics subsystem in a VMware environment.

About this task

Recovering the Analytics subsystem involves deploying a new installation of the Analytics subsystem and then restoring the Analytics database from a back-up copy.

You must use the same project directory that you used for your original deployment, or a restore of your project directory backup, to ensure that configuration and secret information is transferred to the replacement deployment.

In a clustered deployment, if any one VM is corrupted then all of the VMs in the cluster must be redeployed. You cannot replace just a single corrupted VM in a cluster.


  1. Use your prior existing project directory, or a restore of your project directory backup, to install the replacement Analytics subsystem:
    1. Create your ISO files:
      apicup subsys install install-subsystem-name --out analytplan-out

      The --out parameter and value are required.

      In this example, the ISO files are created in the myProject/analytplan-out directory.
      Note: If your original ISO files are still available, and you haven't upgraded from the original installation, you can reuse your original files. However, if you have upgraded your original deployment, you must create your ISO files by using the version of apicup that corresponds to the version of API Connect that you want to restore to.
    2. Deploy the files into the replacement VMs. See Deploying the Analytics subsystem OVA file.
    3. Verify the deployment. See Verifying deployment of the Analytics subsystem.
  2. Restore the Analytics data from backup, as explained in Restoring the Analytics database.