Preparing the Analytics subsystem for disaster recovery

Prepare the API Connect Analytics subsystem for disaster recovery in a Kubernetes environment.

About this task

Preparing for disaster recovery involves backing up data and making a local copy of the Custom Resource (CR) that was used for installing the Analytics subsystem.


  1. Perform a backup of the Analytics database.

    Scheduling automatic backups ensures that a recovery includes recent updates. For more information on configuring backups, see Configuring backup settings for Analytics.

  2. Make a copy of the AnalyticsCluster CR (custom resource).
    1. Find the Analytics cluster's name by running the following command and looking for the value in the NAME column:
      kubectl get AnalyticsCluster
      The response looks like the following example:
      gj01-analytics   6/6     Running   10.0.1-eus    22h

      In this example the cluster's name is gj01-analytics.

    2. Get the YAML that describes the Analytics cluster, and save it in a file using the following command:

      Use the name of the AnalyticsCluster that you obtained in the previous step.

      kubectl get AnalyticsCluster gj01-analytics -o yaml > gj01-analytics.yaml
    3. Save the file locally.