Working offline with API Designer

You can work offline (without a connection to the cloud) with API Designer to create APIs. Some functionality is missing due to the lack of a cloud connection.

About this task

API Designer provides the capability to work in offline mode without a connection to a management server. You can work on APIs with no management server, but some functions will be changed or missing.

The preferred method for working in API Designer is with a Cloud Connection to the management server when logging into API Designer. Working while connected to a management server provides full functionality, with automatic field completion. When working offline, you will need to remember the values to complete the fields that are backfilled from the management server.

Following are the differences when working in offline mode:

  • There is no connection to a management server.
  • There is no Provider Organization selection.
  • Only the Develop APIs and Products tile may be selected. The Learn more and Connect menu tiles are not available.
  • When creating an API, the Gateway Type defaults to V5 Gateway and the default policies are loaded.
  • Stage and Publish for APIs and Products functions are not available.
  • The Sandbox catalog is not available.
  • When configuring a Security Definition, there are no selection lists available for the User Registry for a Basic Auth security definition or for the OAuth Provider for an OAuth 2 security definition. You will need to enter the User Registry and OAuth Provider values correctly as text.
  • When adding custom Visibility and custom Subscribability values for a product, there is no selection list for the Organization field. You will need to enter the organization name correctly as text.


To work in offline mode in API Designer, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to API Designer and open a directory location.
  2. To start offline mode, choose Work Offline from the selector in the upper right corner of the Connect to Cloud screen.
  3. The Home page appears with the Develop APIs and Products tile. Select Develop APIs and Products to start working in offline mode.
  4. To return to online mode, choose Connect to Cloud in the upper right hand corner and select the management server to log in to.