Searching for a draft API

Quickly locate a draft API or Product by searching on the title and version.

You can complete this task either by using the API Designer UI application, or by using the browser based API Manager UI.

On the Develop page, type your search string into the search field and click Search icon (or press Enter) to run the search.

The search returns a list of APIs (or Products) that most closely resemble your keywords, rather than limiting the results to identical matches. The following image shows a search string that includes "AccountServicing". The results include all draft APIs and Products with a title that is similar to the search text, with duplicates sorted by creation date.

Search using only text

Resources with a name, title, or version that are not similar to the search text are not included in the results. If you select a resource type to search for but do not specify any keywords, the results are sorted by title and then by creation date. For example, if you search for Products but do not include any keywords, then all Products appear in the results table.

Search text
The search is case insensitive. Trailing spaces and accents (for example: é, è, â) are ignored. For best results, provide as much of the title and version as possible in your search text. Detailed search strings return more accurate results. Results include all titles that are similar to your search string, and not just identical matches.
What's included in the search?
The scope of the search includes the API or Product Title, Name and Version fields. The search applies only to the current provider organization (displayed in the product banner's Organization field).

You can optionally restrict your search to Products only, or to a specific type of API. Click in the search field and then in the "Types" list that displays, select Product or an API type (REST or SOAP).

How are results displayed?
Search results display as a table, sorted by API or Product title and version. If the results overflow onto additional pages, navigate between pages using the standard page controls that follow the table. When you clear the search, APIs and Products are listed alphabetically by title and, within each title, by newest version first.