Post-deployment steps

When all subsystems are deployed, use the admin account to access the Cloud Manager administrative console and begin configuration. Optionally, take VMware snapshots of the VMs.

About this task

When you have deployed all required API Connect components, and all subsystems are running, complete the following:


  1. If you have not previously accessed the Cloud Manager, verify you can access the API Connect Cloud Manager. Enter the URL in your browser.
    The syntax is https://<hostname.domain>/admin. For example:

    The first time that you access the Cloud Manager user interface, you enter admin for the user name and 7iron-hide for the password. You will be prompted to change the Cloud Administrator password and email address. See Accessing the Cloud Manager user interface.

  2. Define your API Connect configuration by using the API Connect Cloud Manager. See Cloud Manager configuration checklist.
  3. Optional: Take a Virtual Machine (VM) snapshot of all your VMs; see Using VM snapshots for infrastructure backup and disaster recovery for details. This action does require a brief outage while all of the VMs in the subsystem cluster are shut down - do not take snapshots of running VMs, as they might not restore successfully. VM snapshots can offer a faster recovery when compared to redeploying OVAs and restoring from normal backups.
    Important: VM snapshots are not an alternative to the standard API Connect backups. You should have completed an API Connect backup of each subsystem when verifying initial deployment, as advised in: