Deploying the Management subsystem

You can create a virtual server by deploying the relevant IBM® API Connect OVA file on a VMWare virtual server. Create all of the virtual servers that you want to use in your cloud.

Before you begin

Before you deploy:

About this task

You must deploy the API Connect OVA template to create each Management virtual server that you want in your cloud.

Attention: The following settings apply to features that are currently not supported, and should not be modified:
  • Subsystem settings: test-and-monitor-enabled
  • Certificate settings: hub, turnstile


Complete each of the following tasks in order:

  1. Configuring the management subsystem
  2. Deploying the management subsystem OVA file
  3. Verify installation of the management subsystem

What to do next

If you want to deploy an API Connect Analytics OVA file, continue with Deploying the Analytics subsystem.

If you want to deploy an API Connect Developer Portal OVA file, continue with Deploying the Developer Portal.

Identify the DataPower® appliances to be used as gateway servers in the API Connect cloud and obtain the IP addresses.