Configuring and managing your server environment

You configure and manage the servers that comprise your IBM® API Connect on-premises cloud by using the Cloud Manager user interface.

The Cloud Manager user interface is the part of IBM API Connect that enables a Cloud Administrator to define and manage the API Connect on-premises cloud.

You can use the Cloud Manager to define the API Connect cloud by performing the following tasks:
  • Create Provider organizations and invite users to serve as the owner
  • Create and manage user roles and role defaults
  • Create availability zones for services
  • Register the relevant servers that will provide the gateway, analytics, and portal services
  • Associate an analytics service with a gateway to enable reports for API Events
  • Configure resources for user authentication, TLS security, and OAuth providers and make the resources visible to all or selected provider organizations
  • Connect to an existing SMTP mail server and edit templates for system-generated emails
  • Set the default gateway service for catalogs