Managing Catalog membership

You manage Catalog membership by adding new users to the Catalog and assigning roles to the users.

Before you begin

To manage Catalog members in the API Manager, you must be assigned to a role that has the Member > Manage permission for that Catalog. For more information on assigning Catalog permissions to a role, see Creating and configuring Catalogs.

About this task

The Catalog owner can invite members of the provider organization work with the Catalog in the API Manager. The invited users are called "Catalog members" and are different from consumer users who are members of consumer organizations.


  1. In the navigation pane of the API Manager UI, click Manage icon in the API Manager UI navigation pane Manage, then select the Catalog that you want to work with.
  2. Click the Members tab.
  3. To add an existing user, click Add > Add member. To add a new user, click Add > Invite member.
    If you are using the Add member option, you can add any user who is already a member of another Catalog, or of a Space, in the provider organization, and is neither currently a member of this Catalog, nor the Catalog owner.
  4. Enter the email address of a new user, or search for, and select, an existing user.
  5. Select the roles that you want to assign to the user.

    For details of the roles and the default permissions assigned to them, see API Connect user roles. For details on how to create your own roles, see Creating custom roles.

    If Spaces are enabled in the Catalog, any role that you assign to the user at the Catalog level is assigned automatically to the user in all Spaces in that Catalog. Furthermore, if a user had originally been assigned a role only in a specific Space in a Catalog and you subsequently assign the user that role at the Catalog level, the Space specific role assignment is lost and the user now has that role in all Spaces in the catalog.
    Note: You can subsequently change the roles assigned to a user by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes alongside that user on the Members tab. If a user was originally added to the provider organization, rather than to the Catalog itself, the following conditions apply:
    • Any role assigned to the user at the provider organization level is assigned automatically to the user in all Catalogs, and cannot be removed at the Catalog level.

      For details on adding a user to a provider organization, see Adding provider organization users and assigning roles.

    • In the Catalog, the user has the permissions that are configured for the role at the Catalog level.
    • Any role that hasn't been assigned to the user at the provider organization level can be assigned to the user at the Catalog level.
  6. If you are adding an existing user, click Create. If you are adding a new user, click Invite.