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Creating an AutoTest profile

An AutoTest profile exists within a test suite, alongside your test cases.

To add an AutoTest profile to a test suite: open the suite, select the Tests tab, and click on AutoTest profiles.

AutoTest profiles

Click Add, and select the API you wish to target: choose either an existing API from the dropdown (from a definition you have uploaded previously) or upload a new definition by dragging and dropping an OpenAPI document in either JSON or YAML format. It doesn't matter if you upload the same document more than once as it will be recognized.

Known limitations

  • The API definition must conform to OpenAPI 2.0 (Swagger 2.0)
  • The API definition document must have a .json or .yaml extension

Select API

Click Next and provide at least a name for your new profile. You can also add comments and tags.

Profile Info

Click Next and AutoTest scans the API document and extracts semantic information that will inform its generation of requests. You get a chance to review the information here, but if you need to change anything you must wait until the profile is complete. If this is your first time with AutoTest you can take the content on trust and move on, but read through API Extensions if you want to understand the detail.

Known limitations

  • If you see a blank screen at this point then there is most likely an error in your API definition, and you should validate it in the Swagger editor

Review API Extensions

Click Create and AutoTest will have created a profile with the default configuration.

Profile Summary

Click Close and it takes you back to the starting page, but now showing your new profile.

Autotest profiles

Alternatively, click Edit and it takes you straight on to the next step, which is Running a profile.