Dashboard application page

In IBM® API Connect, each Catalog has its own default landing page, which lists the dashboards that are available for that Catalog.

If Spaces are enabled in your Catalogs, each Space also has its own default landing page with the list of dashboards that are available for the space. For more information about Catalogs and Spaces, see Working with Catalogs and Using syndication in API Connect.

Note: Either an incognito tab, a separate browser instance, or a full page refresh is required for viewing dashboards in multiple Analytics services simultaneously.
The dashboard landing page for Catalogs or Spaces displays a table with the following information:
The name of the dashboard. The names of the default dashboards are based on the information that is contained within the dashboard.
A brief description of the dashboard and its purpose.
Tags that identify at what level the dashboard was created, and the required access level that is required to change them. The following tags are supported:
This dashboard is provided with IBM API Connect. You cannot modify dashboards with the admin tag. You must clone them if you want to customize them.
This dashboard was created by someone with catalog management permissions. You can only modify dashboards with the catalog tag if you have catalog management permissions. If you only have space permissions, then you must clone it to modify it.
This dashboard was created by someone with space management permissions. You can only modify dashboards with the space tag if you have space management permissions.

The screen elements of the dashboard application page

The following image shows an example of the Overview dashboard for the Sandbox Catalog with sample data. Custom dashboards that you create for Catalogs or Spaces, and the Analytics dashboards for other entities such as Products, Plans, and APIs, have a similar layout.The default Overview dashboard for Catalogs with sample data

The screen elements are summarized in the following table.
Screen element Description
 1  Catalog or Space name Identifies the selected Catalog or Space.
 2  Service identifier Identifies the analytics service that you are viewing. If you only have one analytics service configured, there is only one possible value.
 3  Application selector Lists the applications that are available for this Catalog or Space. These are only displayed when Apps is selected in the breadcrumb trail.
 4  Breadcrumb trail Indicates your location inside the analytics tab navigation.
 5  Search bar Use this bar to filter the list of dashboards for the Catalog or Space.
 6  Create a dashboard Use this icon to create a customized dashboard. See Creating custom dashboards.
 7  Dashboard configuration icons Use these icons to export dashboards that you want to reuse or back up, import previously exported dashboards to your available dashboards, or create dashboards.
 8  Navigation icons Use this icon to navigate through a large number of dashboards that require multiple screens. Each screen displays a maximum of 20 dashboards.
 9  Dashboard information Names and information about the dashboards for this Catalog or Space.