The applications landing page

In IBM® API Connect, each Catalog or Space has an applications landing page, which is a launching point for accessing the saved searches, dashboards, and visualizations that are available for that Catalog or Space. For more information about Catalogs and Spaces, see Working with Catalogs and Using syndication in API Connect.

You can navigate to the different applications pages by using the Discover, Visualize, and Dashboard applications icons on the Applications landing page. You can return to this page when you are anywhere within the Analytics navigation by selecting Apps in the breadcrumb trail.

The applications landing page for Catalogs or Spaces displays a table with the following information:
The names of the items in the last application that you viewed. For example, if you last viewed dashboards, then it lists the dashboard titles.
Tags that identify at what level the item was created, and the required access level that is required to change them. The following tags are supported:
This items is provided with IBM API Connect. You cannot modify items with the admin tag. You must clone them if you want to customize them.
This item was created by someone with Catalog management permissions. You can only modify dashboards with the catalog tag if you have Catalog management permissions, or higher. If you only have space permissions, then you must clone it to modify it.
This dashboard was created by someone with space management permissions. You can only modify dashboards with the space tag if you have space management permissions, or higher.

The screen elements of the applications landing page

The following image shows an example of the applications page of a Sandbox Catalog. While the screen elements of all of the application pages are similar, see the individual application page topics for specific information for each page: The default applications for Catalogs
The screen elements are summarized in the following table.
Screen element Description
 1  Application selector Indicates your selected application inside the analytics tab navigation. You can select a different application name to view the information for that application.
 2  Breadcrumb trail Indicates your location inside the analytics tab.
 3  Instance information Lists the instances of the last items that you viewed.