Removing a user from a provider organization

If you have permission to edit users, you can remove a user from a provider organization.

About this task

After you have removed the user from your IBM® API Connect provider organization, their resources are deleted and the user cannot access any of the organization's artifacts.
Note: The user account of the deleted user remains in the associated API Connect user registry. The user can still log in to the API Manager user interface but only information links are available; there is no access to view or manage any resources.

If you later invite the same user again, they can re-activate their account. If you are using a Local User Registry, the user must re-activate their account by using the Sign In option, not by completing the registration form and using the Sign Up option; attempting to re-register will fail. For details on how to invite a user to join your organization, see Adding provider organization users and assigning roles.


To remove a user from a provider organization complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation pane of the API Manager user interface, click Members icon Members.
  2. Alongside the user that you want to delete, click the options icon options icon, click Delete, the click Delete again to confirm the user deletion.
    Note: You cannot delete the owner of a provider organization.


The user is removed from the provider organization, and the user account remains in API Manager.