usblibdev Special File


Provides access to the libusb devices.


The usblibdev special file provides access to the libusb devices. The libusb devices can belong to any of the USB class, USB subclass, or USB protocol. The libusb devices are discovered only when the usblibconfig attribute of the USB protocol device (usb0) is set to available.

To enable the libusb devices, enter:
#chdev –a usblibconfig=”available” –l usb0
To disable the libusb devices, enter:
#chdev –a usblibconfig=”defined” –l usb0
Note: The usblibconfig attribute can also be set by using the smitty usb command. The usb0 USB protocol device must be in the state defined to successfully change the usblibconfig attribute. The usblibdev special file might not be opened by the applications directly. You can open the devices only by using the libusb APIs.