AIX trusted installation and update

Starting from IBM® AIX® 7.2 with Technology Level 4, the software packages, which are delivered in the installp format, are digitally signed. The digital signatures of the associated software package are stored in a database called Digital Signature Catalog (DSC). These digital signatures are distributed by using the ODM entries of the new dsc_inventory class.

When you install the installp formatted software for software package installation or update, the verification program verifies the digital signatures of the software package. The installp command performs actions based on the value of the Digital Signature Policy option.

For more information about setting a value for the Digital Signature Policy option, see AIX trusted installation. You can also run the chsignpolicy command to modify the value of the Digital Signature Policy option.

Starting from IBM AIX 7.3 with Technology Level 1, the digital signature is added as a signature block of data in some software packages. Whether the Digital Signature Policy option is set or not, the digital signature blocks have no effect on the software installation.