cdpd Daemon


Receives the incoming data packets by using the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) and discovers the physically connected Cisco devices.


startsrc -s cdpd


The CDP is used by networking applications that run on Cisco devices to discover other Cisco devices that are directly connected to the device. Starting from AIX® 7 with 7200-05, the CDP functions are implemented on an AIX logical partition by using the cdpd daemon. The cdpd daemon controls the incoming data packets or messages by using the CDP.

To configure the cdpd daemon and the network interface for an AIX logical partition, run the cdpctl command.

Note: The CDP data packets or messages can be received only by physical interfaces that are connected to the Cisco device and not by virtual interfaces.


  • To start the cdpd daemon through the System Resource Controller (SRC) subsystem, enter the following command:
    startsrc -s cdpd
    An output that is similar to the following example is displayed:
    0513-059 The cdpd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 14745930.


Contains the cdpd daemon.