Optionally installed software

What constitutes optionally installed software is described.

Optionally installable software includes:

  • Optional Software Products: Software that is not automatically installed on your system when you install the BOS. Software products include those shipped with the operating system and those purchased separately. The BOS is divided into subsystems that can be individually updated, such as bos.rte.install. Any update that begins with bos.rte updates a BOS subsystem.
  • Service Updates: Software that corrects a defect in the BOS or in an optional software product. Service updates are organized by filesets. This type of update always changes part of a fileset.

Software products can be divided into the following categories:

Licensed Program
A licensed program (LP) is also known as a licensed program product (LPP) or a product. An LP is a complete software product including all packages associated with that licensed program. For example, bos (the base operating system) is a licensed program.
A group of separately installable units that provide a set of related functions. For example, bos.net is a package.
An individually installable option. Filesets provide a specific function. An example of a fileset is bos.net.nfs.client 7.1. For more information on fileset packaging, see Fileset installation packages.
Fileset Update
An individually installable update. Fileset updates either enhance or correct a defect in a previously installed fileset.
A collection of packages, products, or individual filesets that suit a specific purpose, such as providing personal productivity software or software for a client machine in a network environment. A set of bundles is provided with BOS that contain a specific set of optional software. For more information on bundle packaging, see Packaging software bundles.

A product can be composed of several packages, which in turn can be composed of different filesets. A product might be installed in its entirety, or only certain packages or filesets for the product might be installed. Software products are subdivided in this way, because many software products are large and have many pieces that can be used independently. Dividing a product into separately installable filesets allows you to install only those filesets you need.

You can install all the filesets included in a package or the entire product, or you can install only selected filesets, especially if you have limited hard disk space on your system.