Maintaining optional software products and service updates

During and after installation, the following major maintenance actions can be taken with optional software products and service updates.

Whether a particular action can be taken depends on whether the action is being applied to the entire software product, or only to a service update that has had a previous action taken on it.

You can perform these actions using System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) or by using commands directly from the command line. The following sections briefly describe how to do each action using SMIT, or a command. SMIT provides an online help to guide you through each process.

Note: Any library or executable program updated by an interim fix or service update which is in use by an active process will not be reflected in that process unless it is restarted. For example, an update that changes the ksh will not have the changes reflected in any ksh processes that are already running. Likewise, an update to the libc.a library will not be reflected in any process that is already running. In addition, any process that is using a library and does a dlopen operation of the same library after the library has been updated could experience inconsistencies if it is not restarted.