Checking fileset build dates

The installp command has been enhanced to check the "build date" of filesets being installed to ensure that an older fileset is not installed on top of a new fileset.

For example, using the sample build dates shown below (0723 represents the 23rd week of the year 2007), a Technology Level 7 fileset at level is prevented from installing on top of Technology Level 6 fileset at level even though has a higher VRMF (Version, Release, Modification, Fix). Previously, only a VRMF comparison needed to be run to determine installation eligibility. Now the "build date" of the installed fileset is checked to verify that the fileset to be installed is not older.
YYWW    0723            0746            0816    
The following is an example of an error message from the installp output:
                   BUILDDATE Verification...
Verifying build dates...
0503-465 installp: The build date requisite check failed for fileset bos.rte.install.
Installed fileset build date of 0816 is more recent than the selected fileset build date of 0746.
installp: Installation failed due to BUILDDATE requisite failure.