Using installation images to install the base operating system on a NIM client using SMIT

Follow this procedure to install use installation images to install the base operating system a NIM client using SMIT.

  1. To install BOS on a NIM client using an rte installation, type smit nim_bosinst from the NIM master.
  2. Select the TARGET for the operation.
  3. Select rte as the installation TYPE.
  4. Select the SPOT to use for the installation.
  5. Select the LPP_SOURCE to use for the installation.
  6. In the displayed dialog fields, supply the correct values for the installation options or accept the default values. Use the help information and the LIST option to help you.
  7. If the client machine being installed is not already a running, configured NIM client, NIM will not automatically reboot the machine over the network for installation. If the client was not rebooted automatically from SMIT, initiate a network boot from the client to install it. If you are booting from a network device, follow the procedures in your hardware documentation to perform the network boot.
  8. After the machine boots over the network, the display on the client machine will begin prompting for information about how the machine should be configured during installation. Specify the requested information to continue with the installation.
    Note: To perform a nonprompted installation, follow the instructions in Performing a nonprompted BOS installation to complete the prerequisite tasks.