Troubleshooting a system that does not boot from the hard disk

Follow this procedure to access a system that will not boot from the hard disk.

If a mksysb backup tape fails to boot, read Troubleshooting an installation from a system backup for instructions.

This procedure enables you to get a system prompt so that you can attempt to recover data from the system or perform corrective action that will enable the system to boot from the hard disk.

  1. This procedure is intended only for experienced administrators who have knowledge of how to boot or recover data from a system that is unable to boot from the hard disk. Most administrators should not attempt this procedure but instead should follow local problem-reporting procedures.
  2. This procedure is not intended for administrators who have just completed a New Installation, because the system will not contain data that needs to be recovered. If you are unable to boot from the hard disk after completing a New Installation, follow your local problem-reporting procedures.

The following steps summarize the procedure for accessing a system that will not boot.

  1. Boot the system from Volume 1 of the BOS media or a bootable tape.
  2. Select Maintenance Options.
  3. Recover data or perform corrective action using the system prompt.