/var file system

The /var file system tends to grow because it contains subdirectories and data files that are used by busy applications such as accounting, mail, and the print spooler.

Attention: If applications on your system use the /var file system extensively, routinely run the skulker command or increase the file system size beyond the 4MB /var default.

Specific /var files that warrant periodic monitoring are /var/adm/wtmp and /var/adm/ras/errlog.

Other /var files to monitor are:

Item Description
/var/adm/ras/trcfile If the trace facility is turned on
/var/tmp/snmpd.log If the snmpd command is running on your system

The /var directory diagram shows some of the directories in the /var file system.

Figure 1. /var Directory. This diagram shows the major subdirectories of the /var directory, including /adm, /news, /preserve, /spool, and /tmp.
Item Description
/var/adm Contains system logging and accounting files
/var/news Contains system news
/var/preserve Contains preserved data from interrupted edit sessions; similar to the /usr/preserve directory in previous releases
/var/spool Contains files being processed by programs such as electronic mail; similar to the /usr/spool directory in previous releases
/var/tmp Contains temporary files; similar to the /usr/tmp directory in previous releases. The /usr/tmp directory is now a symbolic link to /var/tmp.