TCP/IP configuration and management commands

You can use a variety of commands to configure and manage a TCP/IP network. They are described in this table.

Item Description
arp Displays or changes the Internet address to hardware address translation tables used by the Address Resolution protocol.
finger Returns information about users on a specified host.
host Shows the Internet address of a specified host or the host name of a specified Internet address.
hostname Shows or sets the Internet name and address of the local host.
ifconfig Configures network interfaces and their characteristics.
netstat Shows local and foreign addresses, routing tables, hardware statistics, and a summary of packets transferred.
no Sets or shows current network kernel options.
ping Determines whether a host is reachable.
route Permits you to manipulate the routing tables manually.
ruptime Shows status information on hosts that are connected to local physical networks and are running the rwhod server.
rwho Shows status information for users on hosts that are connected to local physical networks and running the rwhod server.
setclock Reads the network time service and sets the time and date of the local host accordingly.
timedc Returns information about the timed daemon.
trpt Reports protocol tracing on TCP sockets.
whois Provides the Internet name directory service.