BNU administrative directories and files

The BNU administrative directories and files are in subdirectories of the /var/spool/uucp directory.

These directories and files contain two types of information:

  • Data waiting to be transferred to other systems
  • Log and error information about BNU activities.

Under the /var/spool/uucp directory, BNU creates the following directories:

Item Description
.Admin Contains four administrative files:
  • audit
  • Foreign
  • errors
  • xferstats

These files contain error and log information about BNU activities.

.Corrupt Contains copies of files that cannot be processed by the BNU program.
.Log and .Old Contain log files from BNU transactions.
.Status Stores the last time the uucico daemon tried to contact remote systems.
.Workspace Holds temporary files that the file transport programs use internally.
.Xqtdir Contains execute files with lists of commands that remote systems can run.
SystemName Contains files used by file transport programs. These files are:
  • Command (C.*)
  • Data (D.*)
  • Execute (X.*)
  • Temporary (TM.*)

BNU creates a SystemName directory for each remote system it contacts.

The directories whose names begin with a dot are hidden. They cannot be found with an ls or li command unless the -a flag is used. When the uucico daemon is started, it searches the /var/spool/uucp directory for work files and transfers the files from any directory that is not hidden. The uucico daemon sees only the SystemName directories, not the other administrative directories.

The files in the hidden directories are owned by the uucp login ID. These files can be accessed only with root authority or with a login ID with a UID of 5.

For further information about maintaining the BNU administrative directories, see BNU maintenance.