Mirroring a volume group

These scenarios explain how to mirror a normal volume group.

The following instructions show you how to mirror a root volume group using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT).

(select a volume group in the Volumes container, then choose Mirror from the Selected menu). Experienced administrators can use the mirrorvg command.

  1. With root authority, add a disk to the volume group using the following SMIT fast path:
    smit extendvg
  2. Mirror the volume group onto the new disk by typing the following SMIT fast path:
    smit mirrorvg
  3. In the first panel, select a volume group for mirroring.
  4. In the second panel, you can define mirroring options or accept defaults. Online help is available if you need it.
Note: When you complete the SMIT panels and click OK or exit, the underlying command can take a significant amount of time to complete. The length of time is affected by error checking, the size and number of logical volumes in the volume group, and the time it takes to synchronize the newly mirrored logical volumes.

At this point, all changes to the logical volumes will be mirrored as you specified in the SMIT panels.