Implementing a volume group policy

After you have decided which volume group policies you want to use, analyze your current configuration by typing the lspv command on the command line.

The standard configuration provides a single volume group that includes multiple physical volumes attached to the same disk adapter and other supporting hardware. In a standard configuration, the more disks that make up a quorum volume group the better the chance of the quorum remaining when a disk failure occurs. In a nonquorum group, a minimum of two disks must make up the volume group. To implement your volume group policy changes, do the following:

  1. Use the lspv command output to check your allocated and free physical volumes.
  2. Ensure a quorum by adding one or more physical volumes.
  3. Change a volume group to nonquorum status
  4. Reconfigure the hardware only if necessary to ensure high availability. For instructions, see the service guide for your system.