ReadFromDirectory statement

This statement specifies parameters for establishing an LDAP session.

The ReadFromDirectory statement is used in the /etc/policyd.conf file to establish the LDAP session.

           LDAP_Server    a   # IP address of directory server running LDAP
           LDAP_Port     i    # Port number LDAP server is listening to
           Base     s         # Distinguished Name for LDAP usage
           LDAP_SelectedTag s # Tag to match SelectorTag in object classes


      LDAP_Server (R): IP address of LDAP server
      LDAP_Port   (0): Unique port number, default port is 389
      Base        (R): Example is o=ibm, c=us where o is your organization and c is country
      LDAP_SelectedTag (R): Unique string matching SelectorTag attribute in the object class