Relocating and reducing hd6 paging space

You might want to reduce or move the default paging space in order to enhance storage system performance by forcing paging and swapping to other disks in the system that are less busy. Reducing or moving the default paging also conserves disk space on hdisk0.

Whether moving the paging space or reducing its size, the rationale is the same: move paging space activity to disks that are less busy. The installation default creates a paging logical volume (hd6) on drive hdisk0, that contains part or all of the busy / (root) and /usr file systems. If the minimum inter-disk allocation policy is chosen, meaning that all of / and a large amount of /usr are on hdisk0, moving the paging space to a disk that is less busy can significantly improve performance. Even if the maximum inter-disk allocation policy is implemented and both / and /usr are distributed across multiple physical volumes, your hdisk2 (assuming three disks) likely contains fewer logical partitions belonging to the busiest file systems.

The following procedures describe how to make the hd6 paging space smaller and how to move the hd6 paging space within the same volume group.