Configuring the PSALLOC environment variable for early allocation mode

The operating system uses the PSALLOC environment variable to determine the mechanism used for memory and paging space allocation.

The default setting is late. The following examples show different ways to change the PSALLOC environment variable to early. The method you choose depends on how broadly you want to apply the change.

  • Type the following command on a shell command line:
    PSALLOC=early;export PSALLOC
    This command causes all subsequent commands run from that shell session to run in early allocation mode.
  • Add the following command in a shell resource file (.shrc or .kshrc):
    PSALLOC=early;export PSALLOC
    This entry causes all processes in your login session, with the exception of the login shell, to run under early allocation mode. This method also protects the processes from the SIGKILL signal mechanism.
  • Insert the putenv subroutine inside a program to set the PSALLOC environment variable to early. Using this method, the early allocation behavior takes effect at the next call to the exec subroutine.