Interim fix installation and the Live Update function

Interim fixes that contain kernel extensions or a new kernel and that requires the system to be restarted can now be installed by using the AIX® Live Update function if the interim fixes are marked as LU CAPABLE. Install the interim fix in a preview mode by using the emgr -p -e ifix_pkg command, and search for LU CAPABLE occurrence in the output to determine if the interim fix is suitable for the Live Update function.

This option is available when you use the geninstall command with the -k flag to install the interim fix. This option is also available in the following SMIT menus:

Install Software
The smitty install_latest fast path.
Install Software Bundle
The smitty install_bundle fast path.
Install and Update from ALL Available Software
The smitty install_all fast path.

The bos.liveupdate.rte fileset must be installed on the AIX operating system if you want to use the Live Update function.