File name expansion in the C shell

The asterisk (*) character matches any string of characters, including the null string.

For example, in a directory containing the files:
a aa aax alice b bb c cc                                 
the command echo a* prints all files names beginning with the character a:
a aa aax alice
Note: When file names are matched, the characters dot (.) and slash (/) must be matched explicitly.
The question mark (?) character matches any single character. The following command:
ls a?x
lists every file name beginning with the letter a, followed by a single character, and ending with the letter x:
To match a single character or a range of characters, enclose the character or characters inside of [ ]. The following command:
ls [abc]
lists all file names exactly matching one of the enclosed characters:
a b c

Within brackets, a lexical range of characters is indicated by [a-z]. The characters matching this pattern are defined by the current collating sequence.