Olson time zone support and setup

Beginning with AIX® 6.1, support for time zone values consistent with the Olson database are provided.

The POSIX time zone specification supported in previous AIX releases, does not adequately handle changes to time zone rules such as daylight saving time. The Olson database maintains a historical record of time zone rules, so that if the rules change in a specific location, AIX interprets dates and time correctly both in the present and in the past.

Time zone definitions conforming to the POSIX specification are still supported and recognized by AIX. AIX checks the TZ environment variable to determine if the environment variable matches an Olson time zone value. If the TZ environment variable does not match an Olson time zone value, AIX then follows the POSIX specification rules.

For more details about the TZ environment variable, refer to Environment file.

To set the time zone using Olson defined values, use the following SMIT path: System Environments > Change / Show Date, Time and Time Zone > Change Time Zone Using System Defined Values.