QoS system configuration

Policies that overlap are installed in the QoS Manager in a nondeterministic ordering. In the case of overlapping policies the PolicyRulePriority attribute of the ServicePolicyRules should be specified to determine the ordering of enforcement of policies. The PolicyRulePriority attribute takes an integer as a parameter and, in the case of overlapping policies, the rule with the highest integer value is enforced.

Only connected UDP sockets are supported for QoS.

The policy and RSVP agents as mutually independent. Thus, care must be taken not to specify a policy that conflicts with, or is covered by, an existing RSVP reservation. In the presence of such conflicts, the system accepts the first policy or reservation while flagging a violation for the others.

For correct operation, the MaxTokenBucket attribute must be set to at least the maximum MTU of all interfaces configured in the system.

Policy modifications are handled by the policy agent by automatically deleting the existing policies and installing the new ones. This may result in a short, temporary window of time during which the corresponding traffic receives default (typically best effort) service.