Defining mail group member records

Use the following procedure to define mail group member records.

  1. Edit the /usr/local/domain/ file on your domain name server.
  2. Add MG records for each mail group (MG). MG records function like the /etc/aliases file, with the aliases maintained on the name server. For example:
    users IN HINFO users-request
    users IN MG sam
    users IN MG david
    users IN MG judy

    This example causes all mail addressed to to be delivered to sam, david, and judy. Enter each MG record on a line by itself.

    Note: Users sam, david, and judy must have MB records defined.
  3. The serial number in the SOA Resource Record must be incremented, because the database has been modified.
  4. Refresh the name server database by typing the refresh -s named command.
  5. Type the refresh -s sendmail command to make the changes take effect.