AIX Security Expert

AIX® Security Expert provides a center for all security settings (TCP, NET, IPSEC, system, and auditing).

AIX Security Expert is a system security hardening tool. It is part of the bos.aixpert fileset. AIX Security Expert provides simple menu settings for High Level Security, Medium Level Security, Low Level Security, and AIX Standard Settings security that integrate over 300 security configuration settings while still providing control over each security element for advanced administrators. AIX Security Expert can be used to implement the appropriate level of security, without the necessity of reading a large number of papers on security hardening and then individually implementing each security element.

AIX Security Expert can be used to take a security configuration snapshot. This snapshot can be used to set up the same security configuration on other systems. This saves time and ensures that all systems have the proper security configuration in an enterprise environment.

AIX Security Expert can be run from SMIT, or you can use the aixpert command.

AIX Security Expert settings

The following coarse-grain security settings are available:
High Level Security
High-level security
Medium Level Security
Medium-level security
Low Level Security
Low-level security
Advanced Security
Custom user-specified security
AIX Standard Settings
Original system default security
Undo Security
Some AIX Security Expert configuration settings can be undone
Check Security
Provides a detailed report of current security settings