Using the savewpar resource

A savewpar resource represents a file that is a WPAR backup image that is created by using the savewar command. The savewpar resource can be used as the source for a WPAR installation.

To be defined as a resource, the savewpar image must reside on a NIM-environment machine. It cannot be located on external media.

A savewpar resource can be defined from an image on the NIM master or a NIM client. If such an image does not exist, it can be created when the resource is defined. To create the image when the resource is defined, do the following:
  • Specify the name of the NIM WPAR client that will be the source for the backup.
  • To define the savewpar resource, set the mk_image attribute to yes in the savewar command.
  • Use an exclude_files resource to list any files and directories that should not be included in the backup image.