Using the fb_script resource

Use an fb_script resource to provide device-configuration information.

An fb_script resource represents a file that is used to configure devices when a NIM client is booting for the first time after the BOS installation process is completed. During BOS installation, certain customization operations (such as device configuration) cannot be performed because they require certain daemons to be running. However, at this point in the BOS installation process, daemons are not available. As a result, certain devices may not be configured during system reboot, and have to be manually configured after the system has booted.

You can use an fb_script resource to provide device-configuration information. The BOS installation process adds the content of the fb_script resource to the /etc/firstboot file, which is run the first time that a client is booted. The /etc/firstboot file then performs the device configuration.

For example, you can enable a script to add a message to the message of the day file by completing the following steps when you are using NIM:
  1. Create the fb_script resource named in the /export/nim/script_res/ directory.
    An example of the content of a script follows:
    echo "Be sure to follow all security guidelines." >> /etc/motd
  2. Create the NIM resource to represent the fb_script resource by entering the following command:
    nim -o define -t fb_script -a server=master -a 
    location=/export/nim/script_res/ fb_script1
  3. Specify the script that will run during the next installation by entering the following command:
    nim -o bos_inst -a spot=spot1 -a lpp_source=lpp_source1 -a
     fb_script=fb_script1 -a accept_licenses=yes machA
The contents of the script will be appended to the /etc/firstboot file and run during the next restart. This resource can be used to control tunable parameters on your system.