Defining an adapter_def resource

You can use the following syntax and attributes for defining an adapter_def resource.

The command line syntax for defining an adapter_def resource is:
nim -o define -t adapter_def -a Attribute=Value ... adapter_defName
The following attributes are required for the adapter_def resource:
Item Description
  -a location=Value Specifies the full path name of the adapter_def resource directory.
  -a server=Value Specifies the name of the machine where the adapter_def resource directory resides. Only the master can serve an adapter_def resource.
The following attributes are optional for the adapter_def resource:
Item Description
-a comments=Value Describes the resource.
-a group=Value Specifies the name of a resource group to which this resource should be added.
-a verbose=Value Displays information for debugging. To show maximum detail, specify a value of 5.
-a nfs_vers=Value Specifies the NFS protocol version required for NFS access.
-a nfs_sec=Value Specifies the security method required for NFS access.
Secondary adapter support is available for AIX®. Before you enable a secondary adapter, you must verify the AIX version the client is on. The secondary adapters will fail to configure because NIM is unable to find the /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/c_cfgadptrs client method. The following example shows the outcome if you attempt to enable this support on your NIM master.

nim -o cust -a adapter_def=adapter_def1 rspc10 0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":    
0042-001 m_cust: processing error encountered on "rspc10":    
0042-175 c_script: An unexpected result was returned by the 
"" command: 
/tmp/_nim_dir_4714/script[10]: /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/c_cfgadptrs:  not found.