Local name resolution (/etc/hosts) tasks

Configure the /etc/hosts file if your network is small, and you are using a flat naming scheme.

Even if you are using a hierarchical (or domain) naming scheme with name servers, you might want to configure the /etc/hosts file to identify hosts that are not known by the name servers.

Configure your system for local host resolution using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT), or commands. If you choose the command method, be sure to preserve the format of the /etc/hosts file, as described in Hosts File Format for TCP/IP in the Files Reference.

Table 1. Local name resolution tasks
Task SMIT fast path Command or file
List All the Hosts smit lshostent Use the hostent command or view /etc/hosts
Add a Host smit mkhostent Use the hostent command or edit /etc/hosts
Change/Show Characteristics of a Host smit chhostent Use the hostent command or edit /etc/hosts
Remove a Host smit rmhostent Use the hostent command or edit /etc/hosts