Daily Usage accounting report

The Daily Usage report is a summarized report of system usage per user ID during the accounting period.

Some fields are divided into prime and non-prime time, as defined by the accounting administrator in the /usr/lib/acct/holidays directory. The report contains the following information:

Item Description
LOGIN NAME User name
CPU (PRIME/NPRIME) Total CPU time for all of the user's processes in minutes
KCORE (PRIME/NPRIME) Total memory used by running processes, in kilobyte-minutes
CONNECT (PRIME/NPRIME) Total connect time (how long the user was logged in) in minutes
DISK BLOCKS Average total amount of disk space used by the user on all filesystems for which accounting is enabled
FEES Total fees entered with chargefee command
# OF PROCS Total number of processes belonging to this user
# OF SESS Number of distinct login sessions for this user
# DISK SAMPLES Number of times disk samples were run during the accounting period. If no DISK BLOCKS are owned, the value will be zero