The svmon command

The svmon command provides a more in-depth analysis of memory usage.

The svmon command captures a snapshot of the current state of memory; however, it is not a true snapshot because it runs at the user level with interrupts enabled.

If an interval is indicated by the the -i flag statistics will be displayed until the command is killed or until the number of intervals which is specified with the-i flag, is reached.

You can generate the following different reports to analyze the memory consumption of your machine:
  • command report (-C)
  • detailed report (-D)
  • global report (-G)
  • process report (-P)
  • segment report (-S)
  • user report (-U)
  • workload management Class report (-W)
  • workload management tier report (-T)
  • XML report (-X)

For more information on the svmon command, see Files Reference.