Mail queue files

Each message in the queue has a number of files associated with it.

The files are named according to the following conventions:


where ID is a unique message queue ID, and Type is one of the following letters indicating the type of file:

Item Description
d The data file containing the message body without the heading information.
q The queue-control file. This file contains the information necessary to process the job.
t A temporary file. This file is an image of the q file when it is being rebuilt. It is quickly renamed to the q file.
x A transcript file that exists during the life of a session and shows everything that happens during that session.

For example, if a message has a queue ID of AA00269, the following files are created and deleted in the mail queue directory while the sendmail command tries to deliver the message:

Item Description
dfAA00269 Data file
qfAA00269 Control file
tfAA00269 Temporary file
xfAA00269 Transcript file