Message handler (mh)

The mh program is a collection of commands that enables you to perform each mail processing function directly from the command line.

These commands provide a broader range of function than the subcommands of mail. Also, because the commands can be issued at any time the command prompt is displayed, you gain power and flexibility in creating mail and in processing received mail. For example, you can read a mail message, search a file or run a program to find a particular solution, and answer the message, all within the same shell.

The mh program enables you to create, distribute, receive, view, process, and store messages using the following commands:

Item Description
ali Lists mail aliases and their addresses.
anno Annotates messages.
ap Parses and reformats addresses.
burst Explodes digests into messages.
comp Starts an editor for creating or modifying a message.
dist Redistributes a message to additional addresses.
dp Parses and reformats dates.
folder Selects and lists folders and messages.
folders Lists all folders and messages in the mail directory.
forw Forwards messages.
inc Incorporates new mail into a folder.
mark Creates, modifies, and displays message sequences.
mhl Produces a formatted listing of messages.
mhmail Sends or receives mail.
mhpath Prints full path names of messages and folders.
msgchk Checks for messages.
msh Creates a mail handler (mh) shell.
next Shows the next message.
packf Compresses the contents of a folder into a file.
pick Selects messages by content and creates and modifies sequences.
prev Shows the previous message.
refile Moves files between folders.
repl Replies to a message.
rmf Removes folders and the messages they contain.
rmm Removes messages from active status.
scan Produces a one-line-per-message scannable listing.
send Sends a message.
show Shows messages.
sortm Sorts messages.
vmh Starts a visual interface for use with mh commands.
whatnow Starts a prompting interface for draft disposition.
whom Manipulates mh addresses.