Changing the number of displayed lines in a long message

If you display a message with more than 24 lines, the first lines of the message scroll past the top of the screen. You can use the pg command from within mail to browse through long messages if you have included the set crt option in the .mailrc file.

The set crt option controls how many lines a message must contain before the pg command is started.

For example, if you use the t subcommand to read a long message, only one screen (or page) is displayed. The page is followed by a colon prompt to let you know there are more pages. Press the Enter key to display the next page of the message. After the last page of the message is displayed, there is a prompt similar to the following:

At the prompt, you can enter any valid pg subcommand. You can display previous pages, search the message for character strings, or quit reading the message and return to the mailbox prompt.

The set crt option is entered in the .mailrc file as:

set crt=Lines

For example:
set crt=20

specifies that a message must be 20 lines before the pg command is started. The pg command is started when you read messages with more than 20 lines.