Profile locations

AIX® Runtime Expert sample profiles are located in the directory /etc/security/artex/samples.

When you are writing a new catalog for the AIX Runtime Expert to support, it is recommended that you also write a sample profile that can be used as an entry for the artexget command. A sample profile is a read-only profile with no values assigned to the parameters. Existing sample profiles are located in the /etc/security/artex/samples directory. By default, the artexlist command lists only the profiles located in the default directory, but the default directory can be modified by setting the ARTEX_PROFILE_PATH environment variable. Multiple directories can be specified in this environment variable by using the : separator.

All profiles from the samples directory are merged during the installation of the artex.base.samples fileset, to form the default.xml profile that is used by the snap command. A profile that should not be part of the default.xml profile should not be delivered in the samples directory. Example of profiles that should not be included in the default.xml profile are the profiles that have the potential to include thousands of parameters (for example if it uses users as a target class) and profiles that should be run only on specific systems (for instance the vios attributes profile).