Disk drive recovery without reformatting

If you repair a bad disk and place it back in the system without reformatting it, you can let the system automatically activate and resynchronize the stale physical partitions on the drive at boot time. A stale physical partition contains data your system cannot use.

If you suspect a stale physical partition, type the following on the command line:
lspv -M PhysVolName
Where PhysVolName is the name of your physical volume. The lspv command output will list all partitions on your physical volume. The following is an excerpt from example output:
hdisk16:112     lv01:4:2        stale
hdisk16:113     lv01:5:2        stale
hdisk16:114     lv01:6:2        stale
hdisk16:115     lv01:7:2        stale
hdisk16:116     lv01:8:2        stale
hdisk16:117     lv01:9:2        stale
hdisk16:118     lv01:10:2       stale
The first column displays the physical partitions and the second column displays the logical partitions. Any stale physical partitions are noted in the third column.