Running the boot image on the client

After the client machine has successfully received the boot image from the server, the most common errors encountered are hangs with the LED showing 608, 611, or 613. Some machines may not have LED displays. Debugging such problems on these machines will require using debug-enabled boot images.

For information on building debug boot images, see Producing debug output from the BOS installation program.

Item Description
Explanation tftp retrieve of client info file failure.
Action If a 608 hang is encountered, verify that the file exists in the /tftpboot directory. If it does not exist, retry the NIM operation to create it. If it does exist, verify that tftp access to the /tftpboot directory is not restricted in the /etc/tftpaccess.ctl file. It is also possible that the network adapter was not configured properly in the boot environment. Use debug-enabled network boot images to look for errors in the boot environment. If the client is not an rs6k-platform machine, make sure that it has the latest version of firmware installed.
Explanation Remote mount of NFS file system failure.
Action 611 hangs occur when the client machine is unable to mount a resource from a server. Ensure that NFS is running on the resource server. Verify that the resources specified for the operation are exported properly by checking the /etc/exports and /etc/xtab files on the server. Also, confirm that the resources have permissions set correctly for reading. Debug-enabled network boot images can also be used to determine exactly which mount command is failing on the client.
Explanation Failure setting up route tables.
Action 613 hangs usually occur because a route is incorrectly defined for a network in the NIM database. Verify that the correct gateways are specified between networks, and all gateways are functional. Use debug-enabled network boot images to determine which routes could not be defined.