Creating and changing a dedicate dump device

You can create a dedicated device where system crash data is dumped.

To create and change to a dedicated dump device, do the following:

  1. Determine the size of the hd6 paging space (in logical partitions) by running the lsvg command as follows:
    # lsvg -l rootvg

    The output will be similar to the following:

    LV NAME             TYPE       LPs   PPs   PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
    hd5                 boot       1     1     1    closed/syncd  N/A
    hd6                 paging     8     8     1    open/syncd    N/A
    hd8                 jfs2log    1     1     1    open/syncd    N/A
    hd4                 jfs2       1     1     1    open/syncd    /
    hd2                 jfs2       12    12    1    open/syncd    /usr
    hd9var              jfs2       1     1     1    open/syncd    /var
    hd3                 jfs2       1     1     1    open/syncd    /tmp
    hd1                 jfs2       1     1     1    open/syncd    /home
    hd10opt             jfs2       2     2     1    open/syncd    /opt
    hd11admin           jfs2       2     2     1    open/syncd    /admin
    livedump            jfs2       4     4     1    open/syncd    /var/adm/ras/livedump

    In this example, the paging space is 12 LPs (logical partitions) in size.

  2. Create a dump logical volume by running the smitty mklv.
    When you are prompted for the volume group, type rootvg.
  3. In the Add a Logical Volume menu, fill in the Logical volume NAME and the Number of LOGICAL PARTITIONS fields.
  4. Change the primary dump device by running the smitty dumpchgp.
    You are prompted to enter the path to the primary dump device.
  5. Validate your dump devices by running the smitty dump command.
  6. Select Show Current Dump Devices.
    The output will be similar to the following:
                                      COMMAND STATUS
    Command: OK            stdout: yes           stderr: no
    Before command completion, additional instructions may appear below.
    primary              /dev/dumplv
    secondary            /dev/sysdumpnull
    copy directory       /var/adm/ras
    forced copy flag     TRUE
    always allow dump    FALSE
    dump compression     OFF