The removal preview phase

These steps occur during the removal preview phase.

  1. The interim fix manager initializes all commands and libraries, and loads interim fix metadata from the interim fix database.
  2. The interim fix attributes and descriptions are listed.
  3. Space requirements are checked. The emgr command checks whether the target file systems contains adequate space to restore the saved files. This includes space-changing database entries, restoring saved files, archiving library members, and other miscellaneous tasks. The emgr command also adds a small buffer to the various space calculations to account for file metadata and other factors.

    If the user specifies to auto-expand the file system using the -X flag, the emgr command attempts to expand the file system to the required size. If space requirements cannot be met, the emgr command halts the remove operation. If the user specifies a preview installation operation using the -p flag, then the emgr command only reports the space statistics without attempting to expand the file system.

    If the user specifies a preview installation using the -p flag, the emgr command does not perform the interim fix removal and skips to the summary and cleanup phase.